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Where we are (in the light of a virus)

Suddenly we slept in one world and woke up in another. Suddenly we have been put back in our place by the hands of the universe and we have been made aware how vulnerably human we truly are..We are exactly where we are supposed to be. From that perspective one can say this is an opportunity to discover what is really important. To open our eyes and hearts.

Maybe the first shock of this reality slowly sinking in…Going through tribulations purifies the mind. This is the time to question and evolve the mind and the consciousness. We have been unconscious, making things that are not important, very important. not giving space and respect to ourselves, to one another and to our environment.. “When we do whatever we want to do, we end up in places we don’t want to be”..

None of us is immune to fear. Because being a human being we identify with this mind and body. But we are most importantly an energy being. The energy we bring into this situation will shape our experience. So how do we make sure we remain undisturbed by the world’s calamities, which are sure to happen, such as this?

We think Happiness comes from outside. But happiness is self contained within.This is an opportunity to pull ourselves out of conditioned way of being and chasing happiness outside. To ask ourselves; “what will nourish my soul and what will entrap me?” So maybe now is the time to go within in search of answers, to focus on simple living and higher thinking.

Our outside world and what is happening externally is usually mirroring the things that need attention inside. If you are experiencing difficulty in your close relationships, experiencing caos in your day to day living, where do you look at first that you can actually effect change? Yourself of course..To a degree I take care of myself, my world changes Staying /working from home and combining the home and family life so closely, now we are all realizing how important to have peace and harmony. Seeking inner peace and happiness, that is to seek the essence. Not to be distressed in searching and finding enthusiasm and patience, these are the symptoms of surrender. At every moment we have many choices. What we choose can make the life either easier, or more difficult even painful.

Time is now for self reflection- To see and honor things we easily see in others but afraid to see in ourselves. To have compassion rather than judgement, acceptance rather than perfectionism, embracing the truth rather than pretending.. to be willing to look deeper as your true power is awaiting.

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