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Turkish: An Anatolian War Goddess and Fertility Goddess

Egyptian: Goddess of Justice and truth

Chinese: Steed of the sun.


C-IAYT, 500E-RYT YACEP,   is a Turkish American, Yoga Therapist & Teacher, LIfe Coach & Engineer. Offers a holistic wellness journey grounded in the ancient wisdom of yoga and enriched by modern therapeutic approaches. With a deep commitment to fostering fulfillment, happiness, empowerment and inspiration, Basak provides a transformative experience.


Despite her demanding corporate career, Basak has achieved a remarkable balance, excelling as a hard working woman on top of the corporate ladder while nurturing heart and love for all. Her unwavering passion lies in illuminating the path for others, enabling them to reconnect with their own inner light. 


She is a Co- Author of "Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation" 

Her new book, "Uncomplicated" is out now!



Available as paperback and audiobook

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