Private and Group sessions are available, focusing on your specific needs. Whether it is to learn the basics, or deepen your practice, or working with injuries etc. Classes are based on ancient texts and teachings deeply rooted in spiritual practices which is targeted to create connection between mind -body to create life-long effects and changes, desired.



Some of the events we have organized in the past are;

- Wedding Yoga for the guests and the couple

- Yoga & Hike in the Mountains

- Week-end retreats

- Private Group Rooftop Yoga

- Online Meditation Sessions

- "Rituals" : Special Thursday classes

What is to come?

- Couples Workshop: "Keeping the Love, Alive"

- Yearly retreats (see retreats page)



Online and in person Coaching sessions 

Online and in person Yoga Philosophy Classes around Yoga Sutras and teachings of Bhagavat Gita. 



Jonathan, R.P.P.,C.P.W.E. s a Vibrational Healer & Therapist who works with International clients from all paths. He helps them recover from physical and emotional illnesses to create success and harmony in their lives. he has dedicated his life to create health, abundance, peace and love for others.

His sessions will allow you to open the energy stream surrounding the physical body and let go of muscle tension which creates connection to the source that reveals deep sense of peace and light.

Group & Corporate Classes & Events, this month

General Scehdule:

Private Yoga- Pure Yoga East & West, 

Thursdays- Hot Vinyasa @7:45-8:45pm at Pure Yoga East

Saturdays- Slow Flow @11:30am at Pure Yoga West

Dec 10th, 6:30-8:30pm- "Visioning for your life" "A Vision Board Event"

For other classes please check on

Corporate Seminars:

1. Warrior Workshop:"How to be a Corporate Warrior"

2. Introduction to Meditation

3. Transformational Breath Workshop

4. Visioning Your Future: "A Vision Board Workshop"

5. Annual Retreats

6. Executive Coaching

7. Weekly Meditation & Yoga Classes at your offices Workshop

Please reach out to schedule in or out of studio classes or coaching sessions @

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